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Tojiro Japanese Knives
japans mes Tojiro aimes at producing the sharpest possible knives. Tojiro knives are hand made. Traditional craftmanship using Samourai methods is combined with modern technology. For example Tojiro developed the patented DP-method to detect material flaws during production (Japanese patent No. 688679) and gives a lifelong guarantee on material flaws. Tojiro products combine superior quality, high functionality and elegant beauty.

Tojiro knives are used by international top chefs. Heston Blumenthal, owner of the world-renown restaurant The Fat Duck in the United Kingdom and awarded 3 Michelin stars, uses exclusively Tojiro Flash knives in his kitchen. The extraordinary quality of the Tojiro knives has convinced many other chefs as well.

damascus steel Tojiro knives are made from Damascus steel. The technique originates from the ancient city of Damascus and was refined in Japan during the Samurai era. Damascus steel knives consist of up to 63 layers of steel. The extremely hard core of VG-10 steel is covered with many layers of steel with varying properties. The result is an extremely hard (about 62 degrees Rockwell hardness), yet flexible knife. Moreover, the damast technique results in the characteristic structure, making each knife a unique and beautiful piece of art.

Tojiro knives

Tojiro DP Knives
tojiro DP knives The DP knives are a great way to get a first feeling of Japanese knife beauty and strength. The blades are made using traditional Japanese techniques. The handle of the knife is in European style of hardened Eco-wood. The core of the knife is a hard carbon steel containing Cobalt. DP stands for "Decarburization Prevention". Using a unique patented forging techique at low temperature, Tojiro manages to stabilize and keep large amounts of carbon in the steel. This yields a very hard steel en thus a long lasting knife edge. The outer layers of the DP knives are made of Chromium-13 steel. This steel is very corrosion resistant.
The DP-series of knives exists in various styles
-The DP no bolster and the DP Cobalt (with bolster) both are made of three layers of steel: a hard core with protective outer layers.
-The DP Damascus consists of 37 layers of steel.
  Overview of Tojiro DP Knives  

Tojiro Zen Knives
tojiro Zen knives Tojiro Zen knives are completely Japanese style knives. The blades of the Zen series are the same as the blades used in the DP series. The grip is made of oak. The blade is clamped to the grip using a strong ring in the traditional Japanese style. In these knives the blade and the grip are not permanently fused, as is the case in European style knives.
  Overview of Tojiro Zen Knives  

Tojiro Flash Knives
tojiro Flash knives The Tojiro Flash knives are pieces of art. All Flash knives are full damast steel knives containing 37 or 63 layers of steel. Of course each knife has its own damast pattern. The grip is made from elegant micarta, with a steel inlay. The ergonomic design results in a very balanced knife, that feels naturally stable in your hand and allows accurate cutting. Knives for chefs who can appreciate a really good knife.

  Overview of Tojiro Flash Knives  
Tojiro Ergos Kitchen Knife
tojiro Ergos knives The Ergos knife is a completely new type of kitchen knife. It has been developed by a Japanese Professor in ergonomics. The Ergos knife combines the traditional knife forging skills of Tojiro with novel insights in ergonomics and design. Every detail has been thought over and improved upon. The grip is formed with your hand anatomy in mind. The Ergos knife is very easy to handle, allowing accurate control over the cut and requiring very little cutting force, as the power of your muscles is transferred in an optimal way to the very sharp blade.

  Overview Tojiro Ergos Knives  
Tojiro Children Knife
tojiro children knife Many children like cooking. Also for children holds: A safe knife is a sharp knife. As sharp knives give more control, require less force. So the chance of suddenly slipping away is reduced. Nevertheless safety is more important than ever, when children work in the kitchen. Therefore Tojiro has developed a special children knife. The knives are as sharp as a chef´s knife. They have a rounded tip, reducing the risk of accidents. The children knife has been designed for smaller hands. The knife is available in various colors and as a set with a pair of scissors and a cutting board.
  Overview Tojiro Children Knives  
Tojiro Origami Knives
tojiro Origami Knives The Tojiro Origami knife is the ultimate design knife. The knife is completely folded from a single sheath of steel: a combination of original Japanese folding art (origami) and knife forging skills. The grip is folded in a triangular shape, which fits comfortable in your hand. Though completely forged of steel, the knife feels light as the handle is hollow. The origami knives are certainly not only a collector´s item, this special knife will bring you daily joy in your kitchen.
  Overview Tojiro Origami Knives  
Tojiro Pro Knife - Nickel Damascus Steel
tojiro pro damascus knife The Tojiro Pro knives are the best Tojiro can make. They are handforged and handsharpened from 63 layers of nickel-damascus steel in the tradition of a Samurai sword. These knives will stay sharp very long, yet they can be sharpened relatively easy. The clear damascus pattern makes every knife into a one-of-its-kind artpiece. The craftsmanship, high steel quality and extraordinary cutting performance justify the - for European standards - high price. This is not just a good knife, this is a companion for life.
  Overview Tojiro Pro Knives  

Care: Tojiro knives are extremely sharp. Treat them with care.
Hand wash after use with a mild detergent and dry with a soft cloth. Do not use the dish washer. Small spots may form if the knife is kept for a long time in water, or in contact with acidic or salty materials. These spots have no influence on the durability or sharpness of the knife.
Keep the knife in a fixed safe spot in your kitchen, for example in a wooden knife block or on a magnetic board.
  Overview Knife Blocks and Boards  

Sharpening: Most Tojiro knives have a double sided edge. The Deba knives have the traditional Japanese single sided edge. The hard steel used by Tojiro allows for extreme durable sharpness and cutting accuracy. However, after prolonged use also Tojiro knives will require sharpening. We do not recommend the use of standard steels or stones. Traditionally, Japanese knives are sharpened on a Japanese waterstone. In the hands of a master this yields the best possible result.

View the instruction video on how to use a waterstone:

Practice sharpening on a waterstone using inexpensive knives. Only sharpen your valuable knives on a waterstone if you possess sufficient dexterity: one or two wrong moves may destroy the edge or seriously damage your blade!
If you have not mastered the sharpening technique with a stone (yet), we recommend using an electrical sharpener with diamond sharpening disks, like the Chef Choice 1520. With this sharpener you always get a high quality edge with the edge angle suited for your knife (15 degrees for Asian style knives like those from Tojiro, 20 degrees for your European style knives).
  Japanese Waterstones     Chef Choice Knife Sharpener  

Have a look at the sharpness of a Tojiro knife, sharpened by a real master:

Address: Tojiro
Fuji Cutlery Co.,LTD.
1-13, Butsuryu-center,
Niigata, 959-1277
TEL: 81-256-63-7151
FAX: 81-256-64-3811
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