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Taschenmesser CRKT M16-13Z Kombi Spearpoint Klinge Medium
model: 51CK/M1613Z-21 EAN: 794023161311
Taschenmesser CRKT M16-13Z Kombi Spearpoint Klinge Medium
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CRTK Taschenmesser M16-13Z mit kombi Klinge und Nylon Griff. Das berühmte Klappmesser von Kit Carson.

Offen 21cm
Geschlossen 12cm
Gewicht 102g

Länge 8.9cm
Dicke 2.5mm
Material Aus 4
Blade-HRC 55-57
Oberfläche baed blast
Schliff Hollow
Lemmetstil: spearpoint
Kombi Klinge

Handteil (Klappmesser)
Material Nylon.
Liner 420J2
Liner Lock
AutoLAWKS Sicherheitssystem
Tragsysteem 1 Position Clip
Mit: Flipper
CRKT Katalog Nummer M16-13Z

For years, Kit Carsons M16 designs have been our most popular series. And our Z version has built the largest user base of all. These knives are built for function, not fad. And they are exceptional values.

The M16-03Z and M16-13Z are slim designs with spear point blades. They are ideal for a variety of carry positions.

They use our very successful InterFrame construction, tough, textured glass filled nylon scales over a 420J2 stainless steel liner InterFrame. We overbuild it for rigidity, using solid glass filled nylon back spacers. And we assemble the handle with superior offset Torx fasteners. The handle is exceptionally rigid and fills the hand perfectly.

We use our tough AUS 4 high-carbon stainless steel for the blades to give greater everyday utility, and offer both Razor-Sharp and Combined Razor-Sharp and Triple-Point Serrated edges.

All models feature the Carson Flipper, which is not only an aid to opening the blade, especially when wearing gloves, but acts as a blade guard when the blade is open.

We have also incorporated our patented* AutoLAWKS automatic knife safety into all models, which converts the M16 Z series into virtual fixed blades when their blades are open and locked.

All styles have lubrous washers and a removable stainless steel clothing-gear clip.

Think of the M16-Z as a Clydesdale-ready to rush a knight into battle or pull a beer wagon. Every day. Day after day.

*U.S. Patent Nos. 5,596,808 and 7,437,822
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