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Order Information

Website, shopping basket and ordering.

--> How to order
--> Shipping fees and delivery times
--> Payment options
--> Returns
--> Complaints
--> Privacy and Cookies

How to order

You can browse our website and find products by selecting the various categories in the left column. You will be shown subcategories or the various products in the category. Select the picture or text to get detailed product information.

Search for items with keywords using the search button at the top of the page.

You can change the currency from its standard setting in euro at the bottom left of every page. Note that exchange rate fluctuations may result in small daily changes of the listed prices in non-euro currencies.

The button "add to cart" puts an item in your shopping cart. The item is shown on the left column. By clicking the "add to cart" button several times you can increase the number of products in your cart.

The button "cart content" (top tight on page) leads to a full overview of the contents of your shopping cart. You can change the desired amount per item by changing its quantity and click the "update button". Changing the amount to "0" will remove the item from your shopping cart.

The checkout button initiates the ordering procedure.

Step 1 Name, address and company information (if applicable). Your data are only used to fulfill your order and not shared with or sold to any other third parties.*
(*Of course we need to reveal some information to the shipping company, as well as the payment provider.)

If desired, a separate shipping address can be indicated. For example your business address if nobody is at home during working hours or the address of a friend to whom you wish to send a present.

All remarks facilitating delivery can be given in the "remarks box" on any of the check out pages.

Step 2 Choose the payment method.

Step 3 Finally a complete overview of your order is shown, including shipping fees. Please carefully examine this list and correct any mistakes. If all data are correct you can confirm your order using the confirm order button on the bottom of the page.

Only after you click the "confirm order button" your order is stored by our system. Dependent on the selected payment method you will be sent to the website of a payment partner and an order confirmation email will be sent .

Shipping fees and delivery times

CountryShipping fee per parcel in euro
Netherlands or Belgium5.95
Free shipping from € 99*
Czech Republic14.95
excl. Greenland and Faeroer **
excl. Andorra and DOM-TOM**, incl. Monaco and Corsica
Free shipping from € 99
Greece18.50 + € 4 per kg
excl. San Marino en Vaticaanstad**
Free shipping from € 99
Norway18.50 + € 1.75 per kg
incl. Azoren en Madeira
incl. Balearen, excl. Canary Islands**
Switserland18.50 + € 1.75 per kg
United Kingdom
excl. Gibraltar, Channel Isles**
Free shipping from € 150
All other countries18.50 + € 5 per kg
*Pay on delivery shipments (only possible in The Netherlands and Belgium) have a fixed higher shipping fee.
**For these countries and areas the shipping fee for "all other countries" applies.

  • Parcels are shipped either from our depot by postnl or directly from the manufacturer or european distributor by DHL or DPD.
  • Our Marmelot products as well as several others are on stock and are send daily.
  • In case a product is shipped by a manufacturer or distributor, typical delivery times to The Netherlands and Belgium are indicated on the product pages.
  • Typical shipping times to other European countries is about one week. Shipping outside the European Union, may last up to one month. These long shipping times are mainly caused by customs delays, which are beyond our influence.
  • Parcels are delivered at your delivery address. Preferably select an address where somebody can accept your parcel during working hours (eg your work address). If nobody is present the parcel will be delived at the neighbour or a note is left in your mailbox. The note explains how to get the parcel redelivered or how to collect it. Undelivered parcels will be kept for two weeks and then returned. We can reship returned parcels or give you a refund. In both cases we will charge you with the real shipping costs.
  • Please add "delivery only at home address" to the remarks box during check out, if you do not wish that your parcel is delivered at a neighbour.
  • Please contact us if your parcel does not arrive within a week after payment or in case there are other problems in delivery.

Payment options

Marmelot offers several payment options.
Ideal is the best known payment option in The Netherlands. Ideal payments are handled by our partner "Mollie bv".
Bancontact is the most popular payment method in Belgium and accepted by most Belgian banks. Payments are made with the well-known Ogone company.
A PayPal account is easy for regular internet shoppers. (In many countries you can open a PayPal account using your own bank account - without the need of a credit card.)
Credit Card payments are handled by our partner PayPal. No PayPal account is required; Do not supply a paypal password, on the welcome screen, but select the option "no paypal account". This opens a new payment screen with credit card payment options.
If you choose payment by bank transfer, your order will be shipped after payment is received. Depending on your bank this may take up to a week. Our bank details will be mailed in the confirmation mail. You can pay using a European (SEPA) bank transfer, which is as easy as a national bank transfer and at no additional costs.
Pay on Delivery is only available in The Netherlands and Belgium. You can pay for your order at delivery or during pick-up at the post office. A standard administration and delivery fee of € 25 is charged. To prevent fraud, you will have to reconfirm any "payment on delivery" order by email, instructions are given in our confirmation email.

Is my payment safe?

Marmelot web shop is recognized and validated as an internet business by the Belgian federal government under company number 0508984536. You can verify our data on this website of the Belgian government. Of course we follow the business guidelines for accredited internet shops (Dutch language page).

Payments are made using well-known and safe internet payment partners, your own bank or at delivery. You do not have to share private payment data, like credit card or bank account numbers, nor will we ever ask any of those data. In addition you are guaranteed the buyer protection which is offered by the various payment partners.

Returning Orders

You can return shipments, if -and only if- the following rules are followed:
-Returns are possible up to 15 days after receiving the shipment.
-Please contact us before you return anything. We will inform you where and how to return the goods. After that you have 14 days to return the goods.
-You can contact us by mail or email. You can, but need not, use the standard returnform (see bottom of this page)
-After reception of your shipment and inspection by us your money will be returned.
-The return shipment costs are to be paid by the customer.
-Unannounced return shipments or parcels with insufficient postage cannot be accepted.
-Returns are only possible for unused products in their original packaging.
-If our inspection shows that the product value is reduced by a costumer action (damage, broken package, product usage, etc), only part of the original salesprice will be refunded. If the product has become unsellable, or only sellable at a loss, we will not accept the return shipment.


Copy this form and (e)mail it to within 15 days after receiving the goods.
The data are available on the invoice and/or the order confirmation email.
We will contact you with details for the return shipment.

marmelot bvba
Turnhoutsebaan 90
2470 Retie

Herewith I inform you that I wish to cancel our sales-agreement and wish to return the goods. I declare that the goods are not used and in original packaging.

Goods to Return:
(give name and amount of goods you wish to send back)

Ordernumber or Invoicenumber:

Orderdate or Invoicedate:

Arrival date of Goods:


In case this form is send on paper
Signature and date:

End model form for returns


We regret any complaints you may have and will do our best to solve them.
We kindly ask to submit complaints to our customer service, preferably by email, but you can also mail or phone us.
mail address: marmelot bvba, dept. customer service, Turnhoutsebaan 90, 2470 Retie, Belgium
tel (during office hours)+32498164126

Please describe the complaint in sufficient detail, if possible send a fotograph to illustrate problems.

We will notify you of the receipt of the compaint and normally will answer within 14 days.
In cases where more time is needed, we will inform you.
In case you do not wish to contact our customer service directly, you can also contact the webshop trustmark complaints department.

Privacy and Cookies

Your privacy is important for To order and for us to be able to ship your parcel, we need certain personal details. We will be handling these carefully. This implies that we only use the information to handle and ship your order and to fulfill legal requirements. You will not be approached for commercial activities, unless you explicitely agree to this.
In order to handle your order it is necessary to share your data with third parties, like payment services (credit card companies) or shipping companies. In these cases only the necessary data will be shared. Apart from these exceptions and legal requirements, your data will not be shared with third parties.

Information, derived from visiting our pages, is statistically analysed and cannot be traced to persons. This information is used to improve our website and service.
We use analytical software from Dependent on your personal browser settings, it is possible that google analyses the webpages you visit, resulting in specific advertisments on websites. We do not have this information and have no influence on its use by google.

This site uses Cookies

What are cookies?
Cookies are small files on your computer that remember your preferences for websites that you visit.

What do cookies do?
Cookies serve several functions. First and foremost they remember preferences like your prefered language and currency of prices.
If you place products in your shopping cart, cookies remember that too.
Finally we use cookies from google to statistically analyse website viewing behavior to improve our website as explained above.

Do cookies know who I am?
No! Your name, address, age or other personal details are not stored in our cookies. They only remember your preferences for language and currency. This cannot be linked to personal details.

Can I switch off cookies?
You can switch off cookies in your webbrowser settings. However, our webpage will not function properly in that case. Some pages will not be visible. To order from our webshop, cookies are necessary.

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