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A lightweight, compact pair of binoculars is an underestimated aid. They are not just for watching birds and other animals. While hiking, kayaking or even in the car you have to find the right routes or read a sign among outcrops and bushes so that you don´t head in the wrong direction.

Binoculars can help with route choices through valleys or over hills when out walking. Silva´s binoculars are compact and sturdy enough for the great outdoors – natural travel companions that can be packed in your rucksack with the same straightforwardness as your compass.

What are these numbers 8x25?

The first number gives the magnification. For normal use an 8 to 10 times magnification is perfect. Note that a bigger magnification - which is desirable for detailed viewing- means that you will get less sharp or shaky images from far away objects. The choice is yours.

The second number indicates the size of the objective lens (the big lens). A large size lenses are heavy, but give a brighter image, usefull in twilight conditions. Most Silva binoculars have 25 mm lenses, a good compromise between weight and light.

Which model should I choose?

This depends on your preference.
  • The Silva Pocket is a light weight binocular with a fair viewing field for everyday use.
  • The Silva Echo has excellent optics and can be stored compact. It is the choice of many hikers.
  • The Silva Epic is the topmodel, with the best performance.
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