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Knife Sharpener CC317 Sportsman
Chef s choice
model: 22CC317 EAN: 0087877031719
Knife Sharpener CC317 Sportsman
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Chef´s Choice USA professional electric knife sharpener CC317 Sportsman for Kitchen and Outdoor knives.

For long lasting sharpness of straight and serrated knives.

The knives are treated in two steps. In the first step the blade is sharpened using 100 percent diamond covered sharpening disks. In the second step the blade is treated with flexible honing disks.
The Chef´s Choice sharpener gives the blade an arch-shaped edge. This is more durable and equally sharp than the traditional V-shaped edge. The CC317 uses the patented Trizor pattern.

Precision holders in the sharpener ensure you get the perfect cutting angle over the complete length of the blade.

  • Chef´s Choice knife sharpeners are used by (semi-)professional and hobby chefs alike.
  • Chef´s Choice sharpeners are safe to use for your precious knives
  • Chef´s Choice sharpeners are most likely the best sharpeners that can be bought today.
  • The Chef´s Choice model CC317 can handle small and medium sized European style straight edged (double and single edge) knives. The diamond sharpening disks can handle even the hardest steel alloys.
  • Step 1: Diamonds create the perfect cutting angle and give it a sharp edge. This is the main sharpening stage.
  • Step 2: Microdiamonds finish sharpening the knife. Use this stage also instead of a steel, when the knife is still sharp, but has lost its bite.
  • The sharpening disks are covered with industrial diamonds. The CC317 has been designed for private and home use.
  • Chef´s Choice sharpeners are easy to use. Precision guide technology ensures the perfect sharpening angle. You only have to slowly pull the knife through the sharpener.
  • The electromotor requires no service. You will have to clean the sharpening unit from time to time. Metal particles may cover the diamond and polishing disks, which might reduce their effectiveness.
  • The CC317 is not suited for scissors, Japanese or Chinese style knives as they require a different sharpening angle.
  • Small (1 mm long) scratches may appear close to the edge. Therefore it is not recommended to use the Chef´s Choice knife sharpeners for decorative knives.
  • Motor: 220-240 V, about 75W.
  • Weight: 2 kg
  • Size:225x108x105mm
  • Colour: grey-black
  • 2 year guarantee
NOTE: this model is fitted with a standard EU flat 2 pin electrical plug, which fits in most European countries. For use in the UK, Ireland or outside Europe you may need an adapter, which can be bought in any electricity supplies shop.
This model is for 220-240V only. Do not use in case you have a 110V network.
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