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Diamant Sabatier Riyouri Knife Block Oak 5-Parts
Diamant Sabatier
model: 35DS88/29E.5 EAN: 8711942358853
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Diamant Sabatier Riyouri Knife Block Oak 5-Parts
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Diamant Sabatier knife block in natural oak with 5 knives from Riyouri series.
This knife block fits in every kitchen. A remarkable detail is the engraved shape of every knife on the back, so you always choose the right knife for the job.

The knife block contains:
-The big chef knife 20cm
-The santoku knife 17cm
-The tomato knife 13cm
-The bread knife 20cm
-The paring knife 11cm

The Riyouri style knive have been designed with Japanese knives as examples. Riyouri means dish or kitchenstyle in Japanese.
  • The blade had been sharpened to a very narrow angle and is polished to perfection. This knife is thus very sharp.
  • The blade is made from Chrome-Molybdenum-Vanadium steel X45 CrMo V15 for durability and long sharpness
  • The blade, tang and grip are seamlessly forged together, yielding a very hygienic knife.
  • The grip has a comfortable anti-slip structure. So it is easy and safe to handle. The grip is made of high quality steel with 18 percent chromium and 8 percent Nickel. Thus the knife will stay beautiful for a long time.
  • Lifelong guarantee on material and material flaws.
  • Clean preferably by hand in lukewarm water. Always store dry.
  • In nice box, making it very suitable as a present.
riyouri knife block topview
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